Testimonials from Clients


Since starting my sacred contract work with Leslie, I’ve begun to understand how my childhood played an important role in my archetypal patterns. The sessions have helped me heal much easier because when triggered, I could pull my chart out and find the archetype I was in. This helped me recognize the archetypal patterns that have influenced my behavior. I’ve found myself setting healthier boundaries which have helped me live a happier life.

Roseann C.

I started phone energy clearing sessions almost a year ago, and it has completely transformed my life. I was in pure fight or flight mode with anxiety, and our sessions helped me so much to gain a level of peace that I haven’t felt in several years. After I was cleared by some sessions, I was able to dive deeper into archetypal work and energy cleansing. I truly felt like a new person, and that every session I shed layers of an illusion of who I used to be created by society and negative past experiences and narratives. I loved working with Leslie every week, and I felt that each week propelled me to another level of myself and honored and nurtured my true authentic self. She was able to offer guidance in a way that I have never experienced before, with her talented and unique gifts guiding the way. I felt that I was truly healing my whole self, not just one area of my life.

After getting grounding work down with this, I was ready, and we dove deep into my soul contract chart and work. This experience has helped me immensely moving forward in my life and has helped me view and live my life from an even more authentic standpoint. It has also provided an aerial view, explanations for which archetypes work with which, helped me understand my past and how to use this to fuel my future. In my experience, the energy work has been the peeling back of illusion, and the scared contract is the guide that helps continue to make sure that one is able to stay in their truth instead of being casted out by the illusion. The sacred contract work helps one to identify areas that they can work on at different stages in their life, and truly feels like the guiding force that will carry throughout all experiences one will face. The awesome aspect about the work is that is forever evolving with oneself, and the contract allows someone to take any life situation and see where it fits into the sacred contract wheel, and this helps to propel long lasting real change.

I have conquered so many of my fears, have minimal anxiety, have never felt more energized, happier, or at peace in my life. At first, I was I disbelief at how well these sessions worked, as I leave every time feeling renewed and cleansed. I have referred many friends and family members who have benefited immensely from these sessions. I feel as if I am finally back home with myself. I can guarantee I would not have made it here without Leslie, her unique gifts and talents, and the never-ending grace and guidance she so effortlessly pours out. Leslie’s modalities and sessions have completely transformed my whole being and came into my life at the exact time the universe knew I needed it. For that I am forever grateful.

Jillian K.

I’ve been on my healing journey for quite some time. If I had to choose one healing modality to continue with for the rest of my life, it would be emotion/body coding. Leslie is an amazing therapist/healer and I have seen strides with my family and other relationships. She is simply incredible!

Jen J.

Through my work with Leslie I have experienced amazing results! She has the ability to tap into and uncover events and experiences from decades and generations before that are still affecting us on a subconscious level. Her acknowledging these experiences and bringing them into my awareness has allowed me to process them and heal in ways no other therapy or self work has. Ultimately, clearing energetic and emotional blocks that were holding me back from seeing and living my truest self expression. Leslie has helped me on physical, spiritual and emotional levels. What emotion/body coding can do for one is truly remarkable. I will continue to use this healing modality for the rest of my life and wish for all humans to experience it’s phenomenal results! I am incredibly grateful for Leslie and her gifts.

Lindsey G.

Increased self worth and serenity. Chronic psoriasis greatly improved. Able to completely eliminate anxiety medication and have reduced antidepressant medication by half. Planning on eliminating antidepressants entirely.

Linda S.

I feel much lighter in life rather than being filled with dread about even the smallest tasks and interactions. I laugh so much more now, and I find joy in the small things which was lacking for a long time. I have found Leslie to be very in tune with me and my challenges, and she is very careful in discussing delicate topics when the need arises. Working though issues with this method has helped to resolve some very deep rooted issues that traditional talk therapy did not seem to reach. I do highly recommend this method of healing with Leslie!

Megan T.

I am very happy with the progress I have made working with Leslie. Over the past several months, doing energy healing has given me more relief & peace of mind than I could have ever imagined! The benefits have been more immediate & much quicker than I’ve experienced with traditional talk therapy. I strongly recommend working with Leslie!

Christy R.

I have been working with Leslie for over 5 years. I have seen her for counseling, sound healing, and energy healing. She listens intently and patiently and has excellent recall of things we spoke about or worked on in previous sessions. Her advice is spot-on and delivered in an honest but non-judgmental way. Talking to her is like talking to a close friend. The energy healing sessions have helped bring about improvement in several areas of my life. As a Christian, I find her deep faith in God and the way she intertwines Jesus into all areas of her work to be a very important and beneficial piece of the therapies she provides.

Jean F.

I have worked with Leslie for the past several years. My chronic health issues have improved & my pain has decreased. This type of therapy works!!!

Mary Therese V.

Leslie is great healer who creates an honest and calming environment that helps to facilitate areas of healing that aren’t often focused on in our current health care system. Her type of healing is an important piece that contributes to the whole picture of our well being.

Hillary O.

I am so grateful to have worked with Leslie. She was such a tremendous help in many aspects of the healing and growing process for me and my children. I have nothing but positive things to say about Leslie and her practice.

Shannon H.

Leslie has been very helpful to me on my spiritual and emotional healing journey. She is very accurate in her readings and I am often surprised how things that I really thought were long in the past have come up during our sessions. She is also teaching me how to live better by looking inward and trying to live in balance.

Sara D.

I’ve experienced healing in many areas of my body, spirit and soul while working with Leslie. I recommend Leslie to anyone who is looking for a way to deepen their healing. I received deep healing related to the traumatic loss of a dear pet in one session of working with Leslie. I have continued to work with Leslie on many other aspects of my life from relationships to work/life balance and healing from family trauma. I highly recommend working with this skillful and intuitive healer.

Cyndi L.

I have had the pleasure to work with Leslie several times. She has been able to help provide a lot of clarity and peace while dealing with many different issues in my life. She is truly an amazing person. She brings such a kind and caring presence into each session. She goes through everything to help you understand the what the issues is and how she works with you to help release unwanted emotions or trapped or even hidden things that can affect your life on levels you didn’t see before. She is a true blessing.

Stephen D.

I’ve had some programming from my childhood that seemed to be recurring in my own life with my wife and children so I reached out to Leslie to do some work on my inner-child. After the first week I felt so much lighter and seemed to be operating at a higher vibration. So, we continued to work on underlying blocks and imbalances. Each week there is more and more light in my life and my energy and vibrations are higher than ever. I would recommend working with Leslie 11 times out of 10.

Mike P.

Not only does Leslie invest in your emotional wellbeing, she also focuses on your physical and spiritual wellbeing. Her comprehensive guidance has been vital in easing my severe depression and anxiety, giving me a sense of ease I’ve never really known before. For this I am beyond grateful.

Desiree H.

I have been working with Leslie for a while now and I have been so amazed at the way my body, mind and spirit have healed. My relationships with people are better, I sleep better, my weight has come down, she even got rid of my severe vertigo in one quick session. I recommend Leslie to so many people and I am so thankful for her healing and knowledge.

Gen K.

I’m extremely pleased with my energy healing. I look forward to every session. After reading my comments about my energy therapy yesterday, I realized that I hadn’t referred to the best part of my sessions! When I first went to Leslie I was using a cane regularly and was scheduled for hip replacement surgery. I couldn’t stand or sit without excruciating pain. I’m an open minded person but I didn’t go for physical therapy. I wasn’t really aware of all the connections of energy healing and pain. I wanted a positive mental therapy for my overall health. I am happy to report that I canceled my surgery and do not use a cane anymore. This wasn’t a miracle, it’s ridding ourselves of layers of negative energy. I’m an avid believer in energy healing!

Sue D.

My experience working with Leslie has been enlightening and rewarding! Leslie uses amazing Energy healing modalities along with practical life lessons that have helped me grow and transform my mind, body, spirit connection. She interacts with me in a way that is very caring and authentic, at the same time holding me accountable for being part of my healing process. Leslie also is very knowledgeable in suggesting books to read, ways of moving my body, like yoga or exercise, meditation techniques and many other ways to improve and maintain a healthy mindset. It has been a blessing working with Leslie!

Wendy W.

Leslie has helped me, and continues to help me heal myself mentally, physically and spiritually. I have been seeing her for more than a year now. Although being someone who was apprehensive towards any form of therapy, Leslie created a welcoming atmosphere that allowed me to open up to a stranger, which was exactly one of my issues! I came to her suffering clinical depression, full of anxiety and a loss of purpose. Unfamiliar, and unsure of the nature of energy healing, I approached with skepticism. Much to my delight and surprise, I found that with her guidance it has helped me break down and define what it is I’m feeling. She teaches you how to work with extreme emotions that might cripple you in the moment. And the thing that really sold me on these practices is how well she grounds it in known science. She has helped me gain a greater understanding of my own body, mind and spirit through applying some of my favorite methods such as Bilateral Stimulation, EFT Tapping, Vibrational Sound Healing and allowing her to tune my biofield and muscle test in session.

Every session we’ve had, I walk away with renewed energy. It’s honestly amazing how she can pinpoint a repressed emotion or walk you through something traumatizing in your life. Even during the quarantine, over the phone and video conferences did not negatively affect our sessions at all. Right now, we are working on the emotion code and archetypes, which are helpful blueprints to determine the invisible subconscious forces behind human behavior. Though as much of a mystical Shaman as I make her out to be, do not assume she can fix you all by herself. She reminds me time and time again that I need to continuously apply the work she teaches me, for it is MY journey to a happy and healthy life. I still have a ways to go, but after a year and a half, I’m far better off now than I was before. THANKS LESLIE!

Greg A.

I have made great strides in my healing and peacefulness. In traditional therapy, I always felt there was a hurdle I could not get across and maintain. Through energy healing I have found the way to decrease long standing emotions trying to block me from loosing negative self image thoughts, anger, shame, and the inability to forgive others and myself. I have found I can maintain a peacefulness and confidence I have never known. I am so excited by this therapy, I feel everyone can benefit from smaller hang ups to larger traumas.

Ryanda M.

I have been to many counselors trying to find peace for me, my family and my marriage. As I explored new counselors the words trauma and faith based drew me to Leslie. I had been down the traditional route of talk therapy. I was looking for something different where I would have the space to heal and learn what it means to be a child of God. The energy modalities that we have used have freed me of old patterns and encouraged me to do new things to maintain higher levels of consciousness. My life is more peaceful.

Karen S.

I have been working with Leslie for over a year now and what I can tell you is that my life is completely different than when I started. Through energy work, Leslie has helped me heal from past traumas on a much deeper level than talk therapy ever could. From being raised by emotionally underdeveloped parents, to becoming a mom at 18 and through a catastrophic relationship with a narcissist, Leslie has helped me heal on a spiritual, emotional and physical level. I feel as if the layers of chaos that have painted over my life have been removed and I am clear to move forward on a path that is authentically me.

My life has improved in so many ways, but I believe it is important to be specific so here are some examples of how working with Leslie has completely changed my life…

1. My relationship with my parents has improved, as if it is a ripple effect stemming from all the work I am doing, I see my parents taking small steps to improve their lives and I can actually have non-toxic, somewhat healthy conversations with them now.

2. After ending a 4 year relationship (9 years ago!) with a narcissist, I felt broken. It was like my entire world view and the view of myself was now seen through the lens of this person. I felt my light was now dim and dark. Thanks to Leslie, this person no longer had a hold on me. I experience joy again and I have the ability to love myself again.

3. When I became a teen mother, I spent a lot of my life “running”. Running to work, running to night school, running to get away from the stigma and shame that shrouds teen mothers in what they are “supposed” to be. Running to prove everyone wrong.. and through that, I lost myself. I have ended up in a career path I never wanted to be in. I ended up in relationships I didn’t want to be in. And now, I have started being creative again. I am pursuing a business venture that I have dreamed of since I was a kid. My relationship with my son has improved and I see how my healing is helping him heal too.

In short, I am becoming all that I was meant to be and I am able to do that through energy healing and dealing with traumas that have been “stuck.” I am now becoming unstuck.

Missy M.

Leslie is beyond Master healer/ Master of psychology, she is extremely real, professional and ethical. Ethically profound practitioners are NOT a dime a dozen, trust me! So, finding Leslie through a friend referring me, was a huge turning point in my life and I know it can be for you as well. When you’re ready for true healing, true embracing, true forgiveness and life changes for happiness in your life, then don’t waste any time making an appointment.

Shannon K.

Leslie and I have worked on myself, my 3 year old son, and my 9 month old daughter with energy healing. My son was having a hard time interacting with other kids after the Covid shutdown and was getting into trouble at church and school for being too affectionate (hugging everyone whether they wanted it or not) and having a difficult time sharing and knowing proper ways to interact after being home just with his father, sister, and I for 6 months.

We did some muscle testing and were able to release MANY trapped emotions, as well as discover the source for some of those emotions. He is now THRIVING at school, at church, and at home and all of his teachers are singing his praises!

My infant daughter was having severe separation anxiety and it was affecting not only our day-to-day schedule, but her ability to sleep at night as well. After a very productive session of energy healing with Leslie, I have since been able to go to the bathroom on my own, walk into a different room, and even take showers without her freaking out. She has been sleeping better at night, too, and no longer wakes up the instant I set her down.

We have also worked on me for PTSD, antepartum depression and anxiety, postpartum depression and anxiety, and physical healing of mastitis, just to name a few. Give energy healing a try- it really works!

Abby G.

I have found peace in several aspects from working with Leslie. Most recently, I had an upcoming vacation that would usually set my allergies off. We spent a session working on that and the relief I had on my trip was amazing. Coupling her outside of session suggestions with routine energy work will transform your life whether you’re dealing with something emotionally or physically. Thanks Leslie!

Chelsea K.

Leslie is a caring, passionate and attentive therapist. She truly cares about her clients and their well-being. Leslie helped me through some difficult times, and I am fortunate to have found her. She incorporates mindfulness activities into her sessions that gives her clients life-long coping strategies. I cannot thank Leslie enough for her guidance and support over the past few years.

Billy B.


Heal the Past. Co-create the Present. Empower the Future.

Heal the Past.
Co-create the Present.
Empower the Future.