YES! The heart is designed to feel joy and love and is the “second brain” of the body. In The Body Code we find what is called a Seeking Heart Energy. This is where the heart seeks out something to replace the lack of true love, joy and health within. Most of the time we find these in addictions and can work to release the underlying issues to rebalance the heart. Combining this with Shadow Work enhances one’s recovery journey.

I still recommend support systems and structure to change the patterns of behavior and thinking while doing this work. Anyone who has been to a 12 step meeting knows the reading, “Acceptance is the answer to all my problems today…” 12 step programs provide an immense amount of support, structure and guidance; however, this is all based in the conscious mind. We know that 95% of thought, emotion and behavior is fueled by the subconscious mind. Step 4 can be very emotionally triggering to people and is often avoided for that reason. Energy healing can help the individual tread safely into the waters of doing a moral inventory.

For those who struggle with the Higher Power aspect of the program, removing the Heart Wall can help with one’s ability to give and receive love with the divine. You can even release imbalances blocking your crown chakra and ability to connect with your spiritual side. It may enhance your conscious recovery program and conscious contact with your Higher Power.