Everything on the planet is made up of the same energy which means we are all connected. The degree to which a person can feel connected to something depends on the person’s level of intention, attachment, and conscious awareness. This is how some people can feel that a loved one is in danger, injured or hurting in some way without having yet been told. This intuition or inner knowing is based on the energetic connection. In energy healing the practitioner sets the intention to connect with the client. Once the connection is established, the practitioner can muscle test by proxy, meaning on herself, and get the answers from the client’s subconscious mind/energy body. Imbalances are released by running a magnet backwards over the governing meridian where the “code” has surfaced. If you run a magnet over a credit card strip it will “decode” the information on the card leaving it blank. The magnet meridian technique works in the same fashion on the unhealthy codes of the mind, body, and spirit.