Tunings are conducted on a therapeutic massage table. Clients remain fully clothed and are encouraged to wear comfortable attire without electronic devices or jewelry (smart watches/Air Pods/Bluetooth). If you bring such items with you, I will ask that you turn them off during the session to avoid energetic interference.

Hydration is also important for tunings as is abstaining from mind/mood altering substances before and after a session.

For more information to prepare, read the FAQ “How do I prepare for a Coding session”.

If you have a pacemaker or are a high-risk pregnancy, it is recommended that you receive medical clearance for vibrational sessions. This is addressed in the informed consent form to avoid any misunderstanding or liability.

Take a few moments to ground yourself prior to driving after a tuning session. Sometimes people can feel lightheaded or tingly; it is your responsibility to decide when you are ready to drive.