HYDRATE! The body’s energy system is fueled by proper hydration. It can be difficult to muscle test and get an accurate read if you are dehydrated. This slows down the session and may require rescheduling if I am not able to read your system.

RELAX! Get to a comfortable, quiet space where you will not be distracted or interrupted. Treat the session like you would a therapeutic massage. You can sit, stand, or lie down – however you feel most receptive to the healing process. Some people play relaxing music in the background, engage in yoga positions, or just sit and hang out. You do not have to take notes as I am noting all imbalances in a confidential chart that will be immediately emailed to you following the session. You can focus on healing rather than trying to remember everything that was released and can revisit the notes if you want to reflect more on what came up.

LISTEN! Listen to your body during and after a session. If you start to become triggered during a session you can use EFT tapping to calm your stress response system and breathe into a calmer state. I can also walk you through the process during the session. After a session you may feel tired as if you need to nap or rejuvenate. You may feel lighter, tingly, more energetic, and motivated. Whatever the response, listen to your body and honor what it needs.

SAY NO! Say no to mind/mood altering substances before and after a session. These significantly lower your vibration and can interfere with the realignment process. If you are working on addiction as one of your healing goals, try to do your best to commit to alternative coping strategies around your sessions. If you are trying to leave an abusive/toxic relationship, say no to spending time with that person directly following a session. The toxic energetic exchange can create new imbalances and derail your healing. If you live with this person, schedule something like a yoga class or trip to a local park following your session, to let the body stay in a healing state.